The first time I ever saw Converse Chuck Taylors were on Paul Pfeiffer, Kevin Arnold's dorky friend on The Wonder Years, an 80s show set in the 70s. These iconic sneakers have graced the feet of millions over the years, a classic style that will just never get old. 

From Sarah Jessica Parker to Snoop, from Miley Cyrus to Kurt Cobain, these shoes have been donned by so many styles of people it is impossible to pigeonhole them as belonging to only one genre of fashion.

Now with so many cool new versions you can be unique and classic at the same time:


The CTAS (Chuck Taylor All Star) Street shoe with added comfort details (above).

Or the Ballet Lace Slip On, the ladies' classic with convenience (below).

Come get yours, for men or women, classic or otherwise at Denim Kings.

July 21, 2017 — Brad Rees

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