Every season is denim season, and no one knows this better than G-Star Raw.
Since their creation in 1989, G-Star's philosophy has always been, 'Just the Product". This single-minded approach has led to many denim 'firsts'. They have also promoted the inherent beauty of denim by creating washes and treatments that bring out its unique characteristics and qualities. 

G-Star also carries a corporate responsibility featuring responsible supply chain focusing on social and environmental consciousness, a sustainable product, operations, and community involvement. With publishing the names and locations of suppliers, G-Star takes a next step into transparency. 

This season, G-Star is really thinking outside of the box featuring the G-Star RAW Elwood X25! The original 3D Denim in 25 daring prints, handpicked by Pharrell Williams and layered with references straight from the G-Star archive.
We've got lots of new and classic G-Star in stock, so come check it out today, in store and online!
April 03, 2017 — Holly Kindzierski

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