Empral Half Zip Knit Dark Black/Raven

Empral Half Zip Knit Dark Black/Raven




Thanks to a tall collar and unique closure, this versatile zip-up knit offers a strong look with styling options. The protective collar can be worn up or down for different silhouettes. While raglan sleeves and the stretchy structure gives a comfortable fit that moves with you.


  • Regular fit
  • Tall, stretchy collar
  • Zip and snap closures
  • Raglan sleeves

   Fabric Fine Tone Cotton Knit

The Empral Half Zip Knit is knitted with a rich, textured structure from cotton yarns.

  • Dry cotton yarns
  • Mid-gauge knit
  • RAW Sustainable. RAW Sustainable garments are made of materials that are sustainable and contribute towards minimizing the environmental impact of the G-Star collection.
  • 100% organic cotton


Dark black / Raven