Denim Kings has changed a lot and evolved since its humble studio beginnings to the present day multi-level St Laurent storefront. But many essential core components, strategies and customer service level politics remain the same. 

Our passion was and always will be top end trending fashion we can easily deliver to our clients exclusive and tailored needs. We at Denim Kings are the top of our game in terms of getting early access to high demand trending fashion apparel which in turn creates a happy and loyal following of our cherished friends/clients. Yet we are constantly driven towards improving all aspects in a very pursuit of perfectionist manner. Maintaining strong business relationships with our many brand distributors ensures us priority to choose the most desirable stock for our discerning clientele as well as to provide a more customised friendly in-store shopping experience. 

The Denim Kings mission is to keep providing our friends and clientele with the latest in designer fashion at the most competitive pricing available. 

Despite our name our stock of apparel is not limited exclusively to designer jeans! We provide our clientele with well-rounded one stop shopping service regardless of the occasion. We carry the most popular winter wear (jackets, boots, scarves, hats, gloves) everything necessary to stay classy and comfortable throughout our harsh Canadian winters.  

 From formal wear to lounge wear and everything in the clothing/accessory spectrum in between. The Denim Kings sales staff is well versed and up to date in current fashion trends and dedicated not only towards styling our clients individual needs, but also providing a long lasting friendly personable experience that sticks with you long after you’ve left the store.