Shane Vitaly Foran's journey as a fashion designer began largely by accident - four years into the game and he's still shocked that the simple two-finger rings he designed for himself are now being worn by tens of thousands of people around the world.
But to those who know him, it's really not all that surprising - constantly one step ahead of the curve, Shane's unique vision for creating remarkable accessories has set Vitaly apart in the cluttered jewelry market. He may have ended up here by accident, but we can all be glad he did. 

Along with the company's backbone: formal helicopter pilot Jason Readman, creative director Zack Vitiello and North American Sales Manager Michael Andrews, Vitaly is known for bringing sleek high quality wares straight to you.

While you might be used to their clothing stocked on Denim Kings, we now have a range of their original endeavor: Accessories!

From corded leather bracelets, to inspired weaponry pieces, luxe watches and even popsicle pendants, there is truly something for everyone.
July 13, 2016 — Holly Kindzierski

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