Winter Outerwear Clearance

Winter Outerwear Clearance

At Denim Kings we want to offer you the best products at the best prices. Our end of January Clearance is the perfect timing for you to get your winter jacket at an outrageous discount.
If you are not familiar with the brands that we carry let me introduce you a few.


Those brands up there, are among the best when it comes to quality, design and cold resistance. Of course it still depends on the model but, behind them, they have this Canadian expertise since all of them are Canadian brands.

Enough talking, let me showcase you some products that are really banging this winter.

I would definitely start with Moose Knuckles and their famous Stirling Parka. Available for Men and Women, you can rock it that as a couple or on your own.




If you are looking for an affordable bomber jacket with nice finish you could take a look at Rudsak and their Stephan available in Black and Natural Fur.




Last but not least, Burntlime Canada, a new company with a great vision for their products: create outerwear that can be the strongest and most durable humanly possible with trendy styling and modern silhouettes.




Well, that is it for me, we have many more styles that you can discover through our website and if you are still here don't forget the code GET40 at checkout to save 40% OFF you order. 

Any questions? Just contact us! 


September 03, 2021 — Pierre-Antoine Fimeyer

Secrid Wallets

Secrid wallets made in Holland will change how you are currently viewing your pocket. The way we pay has changed since smartphones made they appearance. As the new technologic era makes all essentials pocket sized, people are now tending to use more and more their credit cards. 

Their innovative design and system allows you to fit until 6 cards in the alluminium card holder to slide them out with one simple motion, as well as protecting your cards from unwanted wireless use. 

Currently available in our shop, 3 of their products: the cardholder (iconic style of the brand), the slim wallet, and the miniwallet. The slimwallet and the miniwallet are made with high end leather finishings and also allow you to slip bills inside of it. 

September 03, 2021 — Accumula Collaborator
Winter Coats Pre-Winter sale!

Winter Coats Pre-Winter sale!

Well it isn't winter quite yet (let's be honest it isn't even Fall yet) but we have winter coats for super special low prices from last year's stock!

Find all that we have by Moose Knuckles here, such as this gem: the navy blue Stirling parka pictured below:


And we also have some Toboggan brand coats left for men and women, like this one called the Nicky:


 And check out our Arctic North winter parkas like this one:


So if you're planning on buying a winter parka later, you might as well get a snappy discount now by buying it before the high season! And if not, well you can wait for our new shipments in September and October which will still be at amazing prices :)

August 17, 2017 — Brad Rees
K-Swiss Sneakers are IN!

K-Swiss Sneakers are IN!

Just in, K_Swiss sneakers in different 4 styles!

The Match Court black leather sneaker has unique gold coloured details with a red and a blue stripe along the sole, with padded collar and tongue...


K-Swiss Match Court Black Sneakers


We also have the Court Pro II, a white sneaker with a timeless classic "court" style, featuring stylish black stripes on the outside and memory foam for extra comfort on the inside...

Come get yours during our end of summer sale!



Even Celebrities Wear G-Star!

Even Celebrities Wear G-Star!

G-star is such a well established brand that if you know what to look for, you can see these jeans all over TV and movies, in music videos, talk shows, etc!

Celebrities are all over G-star products! (Check out ours here.) Such as Seal, just having a day of of kicking a ball around (in jeans...he may have not exactly planned that)...


Or check out how cute Gwen Stefani is in her G-stars, looking all retro 90s...

Look at how good Zack Efron looks in G-star...


You should look this good too. I mean... you probably do already...

Come find G-star jeans, shirts and shoes for men and women at Denim Kings!

August 03, 2017 — Brad Rees
Just in: EPTM t-shirts!

Just in: EPTM t-shirts!

We've got some EPTM t-shirts for you!

If you're not familiar with the brand, these t-shirts tend to be the longer style of basic t-shirt, but nearly always with some little identifying details.

Such as this basic white t-shirt with zippers up the sides:


Or this unique grey and white "marble" T:

Or, this appropriately named "Thrasher T" which has distressed spots on it:


With 20 years experience in the clothing manufacturing industry, EPTM is high quality for your every day basics, made to last.

Whatever you desired style of t-shirt, come get it from us!

July 31, 2017 — Brad Rees
Men's Levi's Trucker Jean Jackets are Back In Stock!

Men's Levi's Trucker Jean Jackets are Back In Stock!

The classic jean jacket, born in 1962 but whose legacy will live on forever!

Which style strikes your fancy?

The classic light blue stonewash?


Or does the black jacket more popular in counter culture catch your eye?


Or do you prefer the insulated warm and cozy Sherpa jacket to get you through the colder weather?


Come get yours at denim Kings before they all sell out again!

July 27, 2017 — Brad Rees
Classic and New Styles of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

Classic and New Styles of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

The first time I ever saw Converse Chuck Taylors were on Paul Pfeiffer, Kevin Arnold's dorky friend on The Wonder Years, an 80s show set in the 70s. These iconic sneakers have graced the feet of millions over the years, a classic style that will just never get old. 

From Sarah Jessica Parker to Snoop, from Miley Cyrus to Kurt Cobain, these shoes have been donned by so many styles of people it is impossible to pigeonhole them as belonging to only one genre of fashion.

Now with so many cool new versions you can be unique and classic at the same time:


The CTAS (Chuck Taylor All Star) Street shoe with added comfort details (above).

Or the Ballet Lace Slip On, the ladies' classic with convenience (below).

Come get yours, for men or women, classic or otherwise at Denim Kings.

July 21, 2017 — Brad Rees
One Teaspoon Jean Shorts Are All the Rage This Summer

One Teaspoon Jean Shorts Are All the Rage This Summer

A collection of shorts like no other, One Teaspoon has hit the proverbial nail on the head with these hot numbers. The White Beauty High Waisted Bonitas, popular in the constant heat of California will do you well this summer. These are difficult to keep in stock but we happen to have gotten a shipment of them in on Friday!


They also come in blue if that is more your thing, and come in before July 23rd for an additional 25% off our already insanely discounted prices!



July 20, 2017 — Melanie Regnier
Kuwalla Tee Chino Joggers Run Away Sales

Kuwalla Tee Chino Joggers Run Away Sales

Cool jogging pants? They must be made in Montreal.

Sought after all over North America, Kuwalla Tee is brand to watch for, making waves all over the continent for casual fashion with style but more importantly, comfort.

Check out these high quality joggers that will make you look like you really thought about what you were going to wear that day.

They come in a cool casual vintage camo print (above), taupe (below), khaki and black.

They sell out fast so come and get yours now at 8575 boul.St.Laurent during our summer sale, for even bigger discounts off our already marked down prices until July 23rd! 

July 19, 2017 — Melanie Regnier
Every Season is Denim Season with G-Star RAW

Every Season is Denim Season with G-Star RAW

Every season is denim season, and no one knows this better than G-Star Raw.
Since their creation in 1989, G-Star's philosophy has always been, 'Just the Product". This single-minded approach has led to many denim 'firsts'. They have also promoted the inherent beauty of denim by creating washes and treatments that bring out its unique characteristics and qualities. 

G-Star also carries a corporate responsibility featuring responsible supply chain focusing on social and environmental consciousness, a sustainable product, operations, and community involvement. With publishing the names and locations of suppliers, G-Star takes a next step into transparency. 

This season, G-Star is really thinking outside of the box featuring the G-Star RAW Elwood X25! The original 3D Denim in 25 daring prints, handpicked by Pharrell Williams and layered with references straight from the G-Star archive.
We've got lots of new and classic G-Star in stock, so come check it out today, in store and online!
April 03, 2017 — Holly Kindzierski
Spring has Sprung, with NEW One Teaspoon!

Spring has Sprung, with NEW One Teaspoon!

It's the first day of Spring and we're excited to show off our new One Teaspoon stock!
We hope you'll check out everything we've got but we're going to talk about some feature styles here.
The perfect inbetween-season are the "Awesome Baggies" which are cropped and very comfortable. You can get them in a range of non damaged, patterned or extremely damaged styles. Style with a baggy tucked in tee, or for a more warm-weather look; a bright crop top!
If baggy isn't your thing, the classic "Freebirds" offer a skinnier look and also are super varied in colour and embellishment!
If you want to get the jump on summer, we're carrying the crazy popular "Bandit" style short - and many other short styles! These even look great paired with solid or fishnet tights so you can really  mix up your look.
We hope to see you soon - these are just flying off the shelves! Remember - we'll be having sales all April, with new stock in every day! 
March 20, 2017 — Holly Kindzierski