Winter Coats Pre-Winter sale!

Winter Coats Pre-Winter sale!

Well it isn't winter quite yet (let's be honest it isn't even Fall yet) but we have winter coats for super special low prices from last year's stock!

Find all that we have by Moose Knuckles here, such as this gem: the navy blue Stirling parka pictured below:


And we also have some Toboggan brand coats left for men and women, like this one called the Nicky:


 And check out our Arctic North winter parkas like this one:


So if you're planning on buying a winter parka later, you might as well get a snappy discount now by buying it before the high season! And if not, well you can wait for our new shipments in September and October which will still be at amazing prices :)

August 17, 2017 — Brad Rees