At Denim Kings we want to offer you the best products at the best prices. Our end of January Clearance is the perfect timing for you to get your winter jacket at an outrageous discount.
If you are not familiar with the brands that we carry let me introduce you a few.


Those brands up there, are among the best when it comes to quality, design and cold resistance. Of course it still depends on the model but, behind them, they have this Canadian expertise since all of them are Canadian brands.

Enough talking, let me showcase you some products that are really banging this winter.

I would definitely start with Moose Knuckles and their famous Stirling Parka. Available for Men and Women, you can rock it that as a couple or on your own.




If you are looking for an affordable bomber jacket with nice finish you could take a look at Rudsak and their Stephan available in Black and Natural Fur.




Last but not least, Burntlime Canada, a new company with a great vision for their products: create outerwear that can be the strongest and most durable humanly possible with trendy styling and modern silhouettes.




Well, that is it for me, we have many more styles that you can discover through our website and if you are still here don't forget the code GET40 at checkout to save 40% OFF you order. 

Any questions? Just contact us! 


September 03, 2021 — Pierre-Antoine Fimeyer

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