I wear denim like I eat sushi, RAW.
Speaking of fish, Gstar has collaborated with Pharrell in their Raw for the Oceans campaign to create awareness about pollution and its effects on the oceans. 
With all the mainstream media covering climate change issues and its effects its
hard to steer away from this important issue. It is refreshing to see artists such as Pharrell partnering up with G-Star and using their influence to further educate people on the impacts we have on our environment. After all we should take any measures to keep our planet clean and protect the environment.  It's the only planet we have (for now :P). 
RAW for the Oceans is an initiative recycling ocean plastic into G-Star collections co-designed by Pharrell Williams (Creative Director of Bionic Yarn). Essentially jeans constructed with recycled plastics recuperated from the oceans! 
"We aim  to create awareness. No-one who has ever played this game will ever throw a plastic bottle in the ocean again." Pharrell. He is talking about Battle for Big Blue, the online and FREE interactive game where you play a cartoon octopus who eats up plastic bottles in the ocean for points (link to the game will be provided below. 
"Climate change is one of the most defining issues of our time. We can each do our part, and recycling ocean plastics is a good way to start." Pharrell. Denim Kings took this into consideration when choosing the latest stock of G-Star denim, that of which we just received this week in our stores! 
For more info on G-Stars latest campaign and how they use recycled plastics in their denim, to play the interactive game Battle for Big Blue, or to view the latest G-Star collection online, check the links below.


 Pharrell Joins Battle for Big Blue VIDEO

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