The story behind the birth of Vitaly is as organic and natural as many of our life experiences. Shane Vitaly Foran, founder and designer of the Vitaly brand found himself juggling many jobs and school work without any particular direction in his life. It’s a situation I think every one of us has felt in at least one point of our lives.

Once out of school he decided to drop his jobs and travel abroad in search of experience and inspiration, in hopes of finding that passion. He found himself in an Indonesian town Ubud in Bali. This particular town is known for traditional crafts as well as tourism which is a major focal point of their economy. He met with several craftsmen and began to experiment with designs and new materials. He posted his first piece a double finger ring made from black wood on Facebook and received quite strong and positive feedback. The rest is history, as we often say.

The brands innovative styles combined with affordable pricing generated immense hype throughout Canada and the US. Shane and Jason Readman (his managing partner) even went on Dragons Den with their products and business plan receiving offers from ALL the dragons!

Since then they’ve been working on expanding their business from jewelry to clothing inspired by the DJ/tattoo lifestyle. You’ll find boat neck double scoop acid wash long sleeves, fish tail chunky knit charcoal sweaters, even some custom collaborative items like the Sully Wong limited edition high-top leather sneakers.

I must admit I currently own a lot of their clothing but its hard to resist the stylish colors and natural fit of their clothing. Need I forget to mention the exceptional prices make it difficult to resist doubling up my Vitaly clothing purchases!


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November 21, 2015 — Denim Kings

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